Why Sea Perch?

Sea Perch offers a simple, interactive platform that allows students to learn about myriad subjects. By designing and building their own remotely operated vehicle (ROV), students can learn about engineering. By conducting water sampling and observing habitat, they learn about biology. They learn about physics through buoyancy and electrical wiring; and they learn about history and so much more by studying the evolution of ocean exploration.

The simplicity of the Sea Perch program and its adaptability to a variety of ages and educational settings has enabled the program to grow from a Massachusetts based program, to one that is is now national in scope and expanding internationally.

Now teachers, students, and parents alike are able to take the Sea Perch model, and integrate it into any number of curricula, such as:

  • Engineering : through construction and design
  • Biology : through water sampling and habitat observation
  • Physics : through buoyancy and electrical wiring
  • History : through the evolution of ocean exploration, and so much more!

Students soldering switches

"We learned that as soon as students started to get involved building Sea Perch, all the lights went on; they started coming up with their own ideas for body design, what types of experiments they could use Sea Perch for and so on. Sea Perch gets kids excited to do more and to learn more. They start to really invest themselves in the project, and the results are astounding."

- Sarah Hammond, marine educator, MIT Sea Grant College Program.