Sea Perch Sensor Suite


As of March 2010, the Sensor Suite is in beta testing. Beta testing is the first round of testing performed on newly developed technology, before it is available for the general public. Beta testers must be willing to take initiative to try to work though any issues present in the first design of these sensors. Beta testers are required to supply MIT Sea Grant with full reviews of any issues found, and how they approached a solution to these issues. If you are interested in participating in beta testing, send and email to Mike Soroka (, with subject "Sea Perch Sensor Suite Beta." Please include a short description of your experience with Sea Perch, Arduino, and electronics, as well as your intended use and address.

  release date version
Instructions March 2010 2.4.1
Build Package (2 MB, .RAR) March 2010 2.4.1

The suite includes all of the documentation and software necessary to build your own water quality monitoring sensor, designed for (but not limited for use with) the Digital Ocean program, as well as Sea Perch. This sensor suite was designed with educators, students, and hobbyists in mind, focusing on monitoring and logging water quality through the use of simple electronics and programming.

What is the Sensor Suite?

The sensor suite is a microcontroller-based platform that can be fabricated with minimal tools in a few hours, for under $200. When first fabricated, the sensor monitors:

- Water Temperature
- Depth
- Light
- Conductivity

And can be expanded with basic electronic and computing skills to monitor an assortment of other variables.