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Check out these lists of U.S. colleges that offer programs in science and engineering:

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Getting Into MIT

Getting into MIT or any college takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Sea Perch provides a great, dynamic way to learn skills and principles from science and engineering, but every student is different.

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Science Careers

We know that parents are not only concerned with kids getting into college, but about what they will do after graduating as well. Have a look at the following science and engineering careers to better understand some study and work options open to students

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What Your Kids Are Doing

Researchers at MIT Sea Grant have developed Sea Perch as a means of getting students interested in science and technology through a fun, hands-on project.

Building a Sea Perch entails a lot of work. It involves following detailed instructions, which requires superior concentration, patience, and fine motor skills. Building a Sea Perch also exposes children to a wide variety of scientific disciplines and theory and learning practical skills, such as safely using a PVC cutter, power drill, and soldering iron.

Sea Perch also helps inspire children to pursue careers and higher education in science and engineering.