The Digital Ocean


Digital ocean is a worldwide water quality database that allows Sea Perch users to collect, integrate and map coastal water quality data. This data is vitally important to many aspects of cutting edge scientific research.

The project shows students how to build their own sensors, how to collect scientifically accurate data, and how to put that data into a real-world context.

Data is collected from Sea Perches around the world. The data is then entered in our easy-to-use database, where it is automatically made available via state of the art interactive maps and comparative graphs. Students and teachers can use any of these graphs in their classroom and can customize the data for the subject or concept they are working on.

What You Need to Get Involved

First, you'll probably want a Sea Perch. A Sea Perch allows you to explore underwater and take data from a boat, from a dock, from the shore, or anywhere you can throw it in the water! Even if you don't want to build a Sea Perch, you're going to need to build or buy the sensors used to take water quality data. Check out all the different types of sensors and see which ones suit you.