The Sea Perch program is a great way to get students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Sea Perch easily aligns to the national science standards and lends itself well to interdisciplinary projects. As we travel the world spreading Sea Perch, educators are creatively integrating this project into their classroom.

** Be sure to visit the Learn section on this website for informal descriptions of how Sea Perch components work, and relevant science concepts.

National Science Standards Matrix for Sea Perch Program

Activity Grade Level National Science Content Standard Other Content
    U A B C D E F G  
Building the Frame 9 - 12 X X       X      
Building the Motors 9 - 12 X X X     X      
Building the Control Box 9 - 12 X X X     X      
Buoyancy Activity 9 - 12 X X X     X      
Student Design Modification 9 - 12 X X       X      
Measurement of Depth 9 - 12 X X       X      
Biological Sampling 9 - 12 X X   X   X X X  
Exploring the Sites and Sounds of Underwater 9 - 12   X   X   X X X  
Making a Circuit 9 - 12 X X X     X      
Attenuation of Light 9 - 12   X X     X X X  

KEY - Content Standards:

U = Unifying Concepts and Processes
A = Science as Inquiry
B = Physical Science
C = Life Science
D = Earth and Space Science
E = Science and Technology
F = Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
G = History and Nature of Science