The Sea Perch program is a great way to get students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Sea Perch easily aligns to the national science standards and lends itself well to interdisciplinary projects. As we travel the world spreading Sea Perch, educators are creatively integrating this project into their classroom.

** Be sure to visit the Learn section on this website for informal descriptions of how Sea Perch components work, and relevant science concepts.

Sea Perch Classroom Connection Ideas

  • a. Electrical circuitry
  • b. Standards: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of forces and motion (5th grade)
  • c. Use as Open House "hook" at the beginning of school to get parents and students into marine science. Benefits: Get free materials, tools and engagement from students and parents.
  • d. Design project for physics class (becomes part of a project manual). Parents in plumbing, electricity, etc. recognize those careers.
  • e. Biology: "drugs from the sea" how the exploration is done. (can we say a little more here?)
  • f. Pre-engineering classes linked to other classes-build bridges between AP and non-advanced classes. Breaks down barriers between pre-college, vocational, gender and even ethnicity (hands-on).
  • g. Motivation and retention, pride and incentive to learn applied math
  • h. Informal education in aquarium will deploy the ROV in the large tank. Mount camera to get the fish eye view for tourists, bait to catch "attack"/feeding behavior, collect sounds via a hydrophone attached.
  • i. Bring in history and literature and art-multidisciplinary.
  • j. Spirit of SC tall ship: will use the ROV for checking the ship hull and engaging students.
  • k. Art: drafting, Leonardo da Vinci and his diving bell, CAD, technical drawings
  • l. Teacher Apprenticeship: High school students build and share with middle or elementary students.
  • m. Use as a project with science clubs (similar to Rocket Boys-NASA) to attract to ocean science careers.
  • n. NH teacher (8th grade) integrated with whole curriculum for a semester-design, poster, applications, language arts for proposals and story writing
  • o. Funding: School small grants, Service Learning Grants, Lowes, Home Depot, Capt Planet, Tapestry, Local EMC electric coop, GAME, MAMEA, SCMEA, NMEA, NSTA
  • p. Parents, administrators, local business-- provide funds.
  • q. Extra credit project - reaches special kids. Good for physical science. Differentiated instruction
  • r. New way to deal with sensor calibration (SC)
  • s. Pre research kids get science, but less with engineering

More connections teachers have made: English, Hunt for Red October, History, History of ocean exploration, History of submarines, Social Studies, Roles ships play in our society, Math, Plotting data, Measurement, Biology, Plankton tows, Biodiversity, Physics, Buoyancy, Force and motion, Circuits, Chemistry, Water quality and environmental parameters