Science Careers : Sea Perch and Your Future

Did you enjoy building and using your Sea Perch ROV? There are dozens of careers that will allow you to have that kind of fun every day. Engineers and scientists in the field of marine science and engineering face interesting challenges involving water, robots, marine life, complex electronics, water and pressure resistant housings, video navigation, computer control problems, and flight dynamics (just like an airplane, but wet).

Sea Perch Construction and the Engineers Who Build Them

Look through this list of Sea Perch construction steps and see which parts you found most exciting. Next to each step you'll find information about the associated field of engineering.. You will also find that there are several companies and universities that offer programs and jobs in these fields.

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1. Frame Construction

2. Waterproofing the Motor

3. Building the Control Box

4. Choosing a Battery

5. Adding Ballast and Flotation

6. Driving the Sea Perch

7. Video

8. Building Sensors

9. Programming Sensors

10. Studying the Ocean

11. Improving Sea Perch Design

12. Adjusting the Motors

13. Inventing New Components

14. Microcontrollers

15. Choosing a Propeller

16. Water Sampling

16. Suggestions