Building a Sea Perch


The Sea Perch is one of the several ROV designs included in "Build Your Own Under Water Robot and Other Wet Projects" by Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen.

MIT Sea Grant took the simple idea from Bohm and Jensen's book, and came up with a build procedure and parts list that result in a Sea Perch project that is simpler and cheaper to build in the classroom. We have created a three-unit manual with detailed step-by-step instructions and a complete parts list.

Sea Perch Construction Manual

Download the Sea Perch Build Manual (includes Parts List) (Updated October 2011)

Acquiring Parts for Sea Perch

The Sea Perch Parts and Tools List (Updated June 2010) provides valuable information on the parts and tools you need to construct a Sea Perch ROV, as well as cost estimates.

For more ideas, see Hack Your Perch and the Sea Perch Gallery.